1,000 meals served from the Adopt A Healthcare Worker Promotion – Videos

A few weeks ago I promoted the idea that if you would create a promotion based around “Adopting a Healthcare or Frontline Worker”, you would raise awareness of your restaurant in the community you would generate some much needed revenue and at the same time get members of the community to “pay it forward” for you to provide meals for frontline workers.

The benefits of this are numerous, including -

  • That you will generate revenue right away
  • That you will have a really good reason to continuously promote on social media what you are doing,
  • That you are going to be seen as quite a hero in the local community, that members of the local community are going to share this and forward your details to their friends.
  • That you potentially could get sponsorship from corporate’s and organisations who want to be seen to be doing the right thing for frontline workers… and
  • Possibly receive some really great PR from local news organisations

This is is exactly what happened to Robert Specogna from Centro CBD who decided to take up the opportunity.

As a result of doing so Robert was able to promote his restaurant for free on local radio and in the local newspaper receiving tens of thousands of views to his Facebook page and website. He was inundated with a flood of orders, selling over 1,000 meals which have been delivered to healthcare workers throughout his community in the Illawarra Shire.  The good will flowing from this cannot be overestimated.

This initiative has allowed Robert to supplement the takeaway and delivery business that he has been providing during the Covid restrictions. He has been able to collect a database of new people to add to his already large customer base which he has also been emailing about the “Adopt a Healthcare Worker” promotion.

This bigger database is now very open to receiving his messages and will be very responsive when he promotes something else and when he is ready to re-launch his restaurant at the end of the Covid restrictions.

The two videos below were recorded a month apart. In the first video is Robert outlining the exact strategy he used to create this promotion. The second video was recorded after Robert had delivered over 1,000 meals.  We discuss the benefits of running this strategy including how he received such great PR and over 10,000 local people watching a cooking class that was streamed from his restaurant.  The live stream cooking classes are now going to be a regular item streamed by the local radio station on their Facebook page!  This means even more free publicity for Robert.

The main takeaways from this are

  • That while you are in any situation you can create "lemons from lemonade" - opportunities that will help you to promote your business in the short and long term.
  • In this case Robert had members of the local community paying him and his team to make and deliver food for the local health workers.
  • Beyond that he has had a ton of free publicity which his competitors have not had.
  • The promotion itself positions Robert as a central "caring" business owner in the community and his food has been seen and sampled by over 1,000 people who also live in the community.
  • As someone who believes that your database is the most precious asset in your business, this is gold because those people "paying it forward" have also been giving him their details which has grown his database.  This will allow Robert to continue to promote his restaurant in the short term and launch it (with all of that good will on board) when these restrictions are over.

How Robert set up and run the promotion...



The benefits of running the "Adopt a Healthcare Worker"promotion, after providing over 1,000 meals...



After this video was concluded Robert and I brainstormed how he could get the local media involved again (and to have buy-in) to pivoting this strategy to other needy groups in the community.  As Australia recovers from the Covid threat public sentiment for healthcare workers is not as fanatical, however there are others in Robert's community who are suffering still.  Watch this space for more updates!