104 Restaurant Marketing Strategies – Whats In It For Me?

Last week I was in Melbourne at a day with my clients.  Amongst other things we discussed 103 ways to market your restaurant, hotel or cafe.  So the first point is that there’s a lot more you can do than advertise in the local paper and the yellow pages – but for most people that’s where it ends.  Which is why their marketing efforts largely go un-noticed and their profits do not boost as a result of what they do do in a marketing sense.

All 103 ways I taught last week were focused on the customer getting more from my client’s restaurants than from competitor’s restaurants.

On my return I had the opportunity to review and critique several marketing pieces submitted to me and the overwhelming error that I saw over and over again was that the marketing piece, be it a flyer, advert, sales letter or webpage was that the focus was on the restaurant / owner and not on the customer.

The most important thing you can do with any marketing is answer this one question: “What’s In It For Me? (WIIFM)” That is all your customers are interested in.  They don’t care about you or your business and they aren’t interested in snappy sayings and logos… so if you are going to the trouble of putting a message out there do it in a way where they will take notice of it.  Make is obvious what’s in it for them if they come to you rather than anyone else they could choose to dine with.

Yesterday I saw a great joint promotion between a bookshop and a local restaurant - they are doing a literary dinner at the restaurant to launch the book (the author is a very popular sportsman).  The restaurant was able to advertise in the shop window of the bookstore in a very busy shopping mall in the school holidays.  That advertising opportunity is worth a fortune to that restaurant (who is located some 2 kms away).  I am sure that for no advertising cost they will draw hundreds of new customers to them – what a great way to attract new custom.

So that makes 104 ways to market your restaurant!  By the way – yes I am going to the dinner -  What’s in it for me? - The “Exclusive” chance to be close to my sporting hero, to hear him speak on a subject I am passionate about while I enjoy a meal at a local restaurant.

This is one worth copying unless you are too busy working in the business to track down authors publicists, book shops etc of course.