40,000 Restaurants in Australia


There's 40,000 places to eat and drink at in Australia. The question I want to ask you is, of those 40,000 places, why would I choose yours? What is it about your place that makes you different, unique, and attractive to me?

One of the things that I often find when I sit down with restaurant owners when we first work with them is that they can't answer that question. They say, "Well, we've got Italian food." Well, so have maybe 10,000 other restaurants. "Well, it's my mother's recipe" - so have another 8,000 restaurants...

You've got to really nail it down to what it is that you do really well, what it is that people come to you for. Ask your customers and they'll tell you. Then make sure that you market that reason - grab people's attention and give them that reason to come in.

Because otherwise, there are so many other choices, particularly in the big cities where places are opening up all the time and attention is diverted to something new, something sexy, something that's been reviewed etc. If you've got no hook to keep me on, then I can slip away from you and become somebody else's customer. Make sure that you have a reason that I come to you and that your customers come to you rather than the other 39,999 choices that we have available to us.

Tips and Take aways:

  • Of the 40,000 dining choices why should someone choose you?
  • What makes your restaurant special or unique?
  • It's not food or service - everyone claims that, so it's not unique!
  • What is it you do really well?
  • What is it that people come to you for?
  • Ask your regulars - you'll be please you did.
  • Make sure you communicate that reason out to your market.