Restaurant Profits helps restaurant owners make real money from their restaurants, hospitality businesses or cafes without increasing their workload.  In fact by using our “Done For You” marketing system most restaurant owners find that their workload and advertising costs reduce yet their revenue and personal income increases dramatically.

We help our clients use the most profitable marketing strategies by tracking the amount of money they generate.  Our focus is on increasing “profits” for our clients not generating fluff that cannot be measured.  Unless you can pay your overheads with “likes” the only thing worth measuring is dollars in the bank – right?

Although we started out as a purely educational company teaching restaurateurs what to do, we quickly realized that they didn’t have the time to implement so we simply took that stress from them and became the “Done For You Marketing Company for Restaurants”. Every client has their own account manager to support them with their marketing needs, they also get to attend regular members’ only days for networking and to learn about the very latest strategies that increase sales and profits in restaurants.

We also have a coaching program for those who are ready to kick back a little, balance their lives and work more “on” the business than in it.

Speaking Of Education, Selling at the Table is our training program that focuses on increasing the amount guests spend when they are dining with you.  The book and video course are for self-learning and the in-house program is training for owners, managers and staff to make sure the strategies turn into real change and profits.

In the last 12 years we have worked with thousands of restaurateurs and staff from restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels and clubs in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and the USA.  Some of our clients own the highest awarded restaurants in Australia yet others have small mum and dad businesses in the most remote places… whatever your situation we have a solution for you.

We know you are passionate about food, drink and hospitality and we believe that is where you should focus your energy.  We know you don’t have the time or passion to learn all about marketing so that’s why we do it for you.

We Don’t Want Our Hands In Your Pockets:  many companies offering restaurateurs marketing solutions do so to take a percentage of sales.  We don’t do that – your profits are yours to keep we charge a flat fee for our services.

There are also NO lock-in contracts, if you don’t like what we do – for any reason – we believe that you should be free to leave without having to pay a penalty.

Put Yourself In Charge Of Your Business, Your Income And Your Life…