Our Team

Howard Tinker


Howard works primarily on a one on one basis with high level coaching members to create rapid results and growth in their businesses. He specialises in discovering hidden profits within existing businesses. Howard is an expert in direct response marketing, developing strategic alliances and joint ventures, designing effective marketing materials and events.

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Julie Jones

General Manager

Julie coordinates the daily business activities at Restaurant Profits, overseeing our team of Account Managers, Data Experts and Designers. Julie's background in corporate marketing also means she works with clients requiring branding expertise and guides the team to ensure a perfect fit between restaurant branding and all marketing pieces that we create. She's passionate about ensuring your brand story comes through in everything we do and that the team are well-trained and understand the importance of branding in the scheme of things.

Julie is also focused on driving restaurant clients' growth, by guiding the team to think strategically about how they work with each client and monitoring the performance, to drive both our Restaurant Clients and Restaurant Profits business success.

Bev Tinker


Kylie Bax

Database Manager and Admin Support

Kylie is responsible for the management and effective use of the restaurant profits database. She is the person who facilitates the “Done For You” restaurant marketing systems, liaising with clients data specialists and fulfilment companies.

Angela Huxley

Account Manager

Angela manages accounts for our clients, liaising with clients, the graphic design team and our database team. Keeping our client’s email messages going out on time and to the right people is no small feat.

Scott Gallon

Senior Coach and Facilitator

Scott is based in WA and works both face to face and a phone coaching basis. Scott is an expert in SEO and web search.

Scott’s also has an uncanny knack for helping clients to define and design their restaurant systems and processes. He supports them to design and implement systems that virtually free owners from the business so that they can claim back their lives and look for more fulfilment in life and/or further investment opportunities.