Advertise Events Or Offers With Bathroom Signage


When I talked about this ten years ago people didn't like the idea. But that's not the case any more as we now see signage in many bathrooms inside restaurants, bars, hotels, cafes. So don't miss out on using this space, put advertising in your bathrooms. People have to go in there so use the back of the bathroom door, it's a great place to put something so people can read it.

The mirrors and wash basins are also a great place to promote what's coming up and what you've got going on that week. If there's a father's day or a mother's day coming up that you want to advertise, make sure that you put it there. Make it tasteful though. It's a really good idea to put announcements in frames and make them look really nice, so use good graphic design for that. Don't do cheap and nasty things because it really brings down the feel of that room and we know that bathrooms have to feel great as well.

Tips and Take aways:

  • Use your Bathroom To Advertise Your Products and Events
  • Where: The Back of The Toilet Door
  • Where: In Between Mirrors Above Washbasins
  • What: Good Quality Graphic Designed Posters
  • Use Frames Where Possible Clean and Graffiti Free
  • Content: Special Offers: $5 Beers on Fridays
  • Future Events: Father's Day Announcements, New Menu
  • Keep Them Tasteful And Clean