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Was Mother’s Day Good For You?

Well now Mother’s day is out of the way for another year I guess you are now smiling broadly about how well you did.

All of the restaurateurs I work with that I have spoken to since the weekend did great business, many of them breaking all time sales and numbers records. Here’s just a few comments:

"Mother’s Day went really well-and I only worked from 7 till 4! We did about 280 people for the day, everyone absolutely rapt with their ‘present’, which cost us $1.20 plus a bit of ink from my printer. Overall a great feel for the day, it was busy, but everyone worked well."

Mel Soltan – Soltan Pepper Vic.

"We had the busiest Mothers day ever – 40% up on last year, the kitchen was pumping for seven solid hours. This was the busiest and most successful day in our history!"

Michele Menchin – Taste Gourmet Cafe – East Gosford, NSW

"The Mothers Day was Fantastic, the email blast was a great success bringing in an extra42 dinner guests who spent over $3,500!"

Mandy Cameron Cottage Point Inn, NSW

Ironically I was at a Restaurant & Catering Association meeting yesterday where one member told me that “everyone” is down on their number of sales. Another chef didn’t even open in Mother’s day because he didn’t know how to get people to come to his new restaurant because the previous owner didn’t open on a Sunday – this place was less then 10km from Taste Gourmet (above) where Michele was doing record numbers!

Last night I got a text from Matt Kemp telling me that we had sold out a game dinner in three hours and he had a wait list of 40 people in case we announced a 2nd date.

This dinner was premium priced (no discounts) and was sold out with just one email! How can some restaurants be doing amazing numbers when others tell themselves (and others who will listen) that “everyone” is down on their numbers. (By the way she also told me she didn’t do marketing because it was too expensive!) Yet Matt’s email cost nothing to send – go figure.

Update on Matt’s dinner as of 17 May – Two nights sold out; 138 seats with one email!

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