Are you a Rainmaker?

I just heard on the radio that summer is almost over and the long range weather forecast is for days and days of rain  (reminds me of England!)

So when the rain comes and restaurants suffer what will you do?  Will you act like Kevin Costner and believe that just because you built it they will come?  Or will you think outside the box to attract More Bums On Seats?

You can bet your life my clients wont be sitting on their hands and hoping people will show up.  

As an example - when those very hot summer days came along Michele Menchin at Taste Gourmet created a HOT Beat The Heat Summer Menu (below) which increased her spend and promoted her highest margin products.  The menu was plastered everywhere she could think of; on-line, off-line, on tables and on "A-frames" etc etc.  I am sure she will be working on a Rainy Days menu for when the weather changes.

What will you be doing to capture the attention of your prospects and clients?