Are You cashing in on all this free publicity?

How two of my coaching members cashed in on free publicity by using topical email marketing...

Below is a great example of an email that cashes in on what is topical (what is on the mind of your client or guest)... Right now, winter, masterchef, end of financial year etc etc... This and her concurrent in store and Twitter promotions attracted 1,000 entries into her competition. How would you like 1,000 customers trying to get into your place?

Below is another example of topical marketing using the hub hub about the $90 million dollar lottery and "Christmas in July" BTW do you remember the fuss about the $90 mil lottery? Notice how quickly it's over and done with? How long do you think people remember your marketing? especially when it's not $90 million... you have to keep marketing to people to keep them interested in you and your business!

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