Are YOU Creating This Dismal Economy?

Yesterday I went shopping with my daughter.  To be more accurate she went shopping, I sat and waited while she had finished.  The place I chose to wait - a cafe.  The place wasn't busy so I could order then choose a seat where I wanted.  I ended up at the back of the place with a direct view of the counter and staff.

And this is where the story gets ugly... I didn't mean to snoop, I'd actually taken some work with me to review whilst I waited but I couldn't help myself getting more and more wound up as the staff diligently repelled sales from this place.

It wasn't so much that the staff didn't take and fulfil orders just that the term "service" wasn't understood one jot. The young woman in charge of sales reduction (I mean at the counter) snapped at most people as they asked about the cafe's goods, she stared into space whilst these hard won customers were left to make up their own mind whether to order a pastry, muffin or slice.  As time ticked on she began greeting people with "we're only doin' takeaway cos we're closin' soon", yes we were fast approaching 3.00pm!!!

Now I know for a fact that this place struggles because it is in a poor position - one that doesn't have a lot of foot traffic but yesterday there was a slew of adults and kids attracted to the area because the shopping mall had put on bouncy castles and the like.  I watched in horror as tens or even hundreds of dollars were shunted out of the door so that this lovely lady could begin stacking chairs on tables.  Those same customers walked across the square to give their loot to the cafe there.

I am pretty sure that this wasn't the owner of the cafe.  So some poor business owner will look at his or her takings for yesterday and shake their head - no doubt blaming the economy, the GFC and the weather.

But the fault / blame lies closer to home, and its not just with the young lady on the counter - it lies fairly and squarely with the person who employs her.  The one who obviously isn't monitoring what their staff are doing, not sending in secret shoppers and not taking responsibility for managing the quality of "service" his/her customers receive.

Tough - maybe, but the bottom line is that this is a business and if you the owner aren't willing to make sure it works in the most effective and profitable way then why should your staff?  The buck stops with you - right?