Become A Regular’s Destination By Holding Sports Nights


Do you run sports nights as part of your Marketing?

I work with several restaurants that use sports themes as a way of getting customers through their doors. If it is likely to work for you I really encourage you to use this marketing strategy. I have clients that have promoted the Olympics, the World Cup, Rugby League World Cup, Rugby Union World Cup, the State of Origin, you name it, they promoted it. The State of Origin on its own has been incredibly successful for one of my clients who promotes it every single year and his restaurant is absolutely packed out when this event happens.

Normally, it would have been a quiet night as everybody would be at home watching this sporting event. He's turned it into an event that people will come out especially to go to his restaurant.

Think about of what kind of sports can you promote in your restaurant, can you get video screens up there and what will fit with your niche, with your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Then email to your list and get people to come along, not just only because of the sporting event but also because they want to dine at your restaurant. This is a great way of engaging people.

Take aways:

  • This is a NEW and REPEAT business strategy.
  • What sports fit with your theme?
  • Decide on what to promote.
  • Organise marketing pieces.
  • Organise video screens and sound.
  • Market with interesting offer or menu to your database.