Beer Matching Dinners


Have you tried running 'Beer Matching Dinners'?

Everyone knows about ‘Wine Matching Dinners’. What about 'Beer Matching Dinners’? Now you might think this wouldn't work. Well I can tell you, that I’ve worked with lots of restaurants, where they do this. Everything from no hats, through to two hats and believe it or not, two hatted restaurants, it worked just as well for and I’ve done it for two of those. One of them we had the brewery company sponsor the event, so they went to their database as well and we sold out eight continuous nights, doing beer matching dinners at two hat restaurants with the sponsored beer company.

So everyone thinks about of wine dinners, what about doing Beer Matching Dinners? Those breweries need access to you and your database, just as much as you need to put on events to get people in. Talk to them about doing joint ventures, talk to them about sponsorship of these events, put a great menu together, match with the beer and email out to your marketing list.

Take aways:

  • Beer Matching Dinners work – people love them.
  • Contact beer companies to see if they want to partner an event.
  • Get your chef to match dishes to beer types.
  • Put together the email.