Big Prize Competitions Grow Your Databases Fast


Once you've got it that databases are the way to go and you see the results from your marketing, you get it that it really is a numbers game. The bigger the number on your database, the bigger the response to your marketing and, as long as conversion rates stay the same and your spend stays the same, you're database grows and so does your profits.

One of the things that I get asked a lot is, "How do I dramatically increase my numbers?" Besides joint ventures (which we talked about in a previous blog), another great way of growing your database is to run competitions and there are many, many ways to do this.

Many of you attend or have stalls at food and wine festivals like Taste of Sydney where tens of thousands of people come through the gates. At one such event, one of my clients set up a big banner at his stall saying, "Enter our competition and you could win a meal at my restaurant worth $300." Over the four days we collected more than 6,000 people for the restaurant's database. And after a lot of data entry, we marketed to that list and did a great deal of business for my client.

So what events are going on in and around your area? There are so many food-related events all around the country now and, if you've decided to be at one of them, make sure you run a competition. Get people to enter and you'll be collecting a great database.

Tips and Take aways:

  • Big Prize Competitions Create BIG Databases!
  • The BIGGER The Number On Your Database, The Bigger Your Profits
  • This Is One Way To DRAMATICALLY Increase Your Numbers
  • Attend Events Or Places Where there Are Large Numbers Of People
  • Use Large Signage To Advertise Your Competition
  • Make The Prize BIG And Attractive To The Audience
  • Consider Partnering With Others At The Event
  • Make Sure You Comply With The Rules For Marketing Afterwards

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