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How To Create A Great Team

Hey there, I just wanted to talk to you once again about staffing. It seems to me that what’s going to happen over the next year in Australia is that we’re not going to see the return of backpackers, it’s certainly not in the first half of the year. And likewise, we’re not going to see people coming into our industry that have come in from overseas, with visas so that they can come and work for us. And that’s going to cause a big problem.

I’m already hearing from some

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How To Get Great Staff

One of the challenges that you’re going to find at the moment I’m sure is finding good staff or finding new staff. One of the things that’s happened with our industry because of job seeker, is that people are choosing not to go back to work, they would rather receive benefits, than give those benefits up and go work. And the challenge is going to be finding staff that are gray and enthusiastic right now. But that’s going to go on into the future as well. People are not necessarily

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Success Coaching for Restaurant Owners

We began restaurant profits about 18 years ago. And at first we were an education company. We sold information products that would help restaurant owners to grow their profits and their business. And what we didn’t realize was just how busy you guys were. And so most people that got our products never used them. 

So we quickly went into training and coaching and so on to help people to put those things into practice, so that they could have a better business. And those people that did put them into

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Do You Get Referral Business?

In this blog and video I want to talk about referral business.  Typically in our industry, we don’t call it that we call it word of mouth. And we hope that it happens that people go away and say nice things about us. 

Referral business is very, very important. 92% of people actually believe referrals from somebody that they know and like, and 84% of all buying decisions start with a referral, it might be that they go and look at a testimonial, or they go and look at review, or

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What Numbers Are You Tracking?

This week I want to talk about numbers; on Monday, in our team meeting, we were talking about a particular restaurant and we were deciding whether we felt they were successful, massively successful, or if they weren’t. 

In order to do that, we were talking about their numbers. Now, when most people think about tracking numbers in restaurants, they’ll think about cost of goods sold, staff costs and food costs. Beyond those numbers, the other numbers that we track are our marketing numbers, and so the three really important numbers that



The Tale Of Two Restaurants

I wanted to talk a little more about mindset. In a previous video I said that mindset was really important. And I know for some of you that might seem like phewee, it might be, oh that’s all that airy fairy stuff. You know, “all it takes is hard work and you can make a success out of anything”. So, I thought I’d give you a practical example of where two of our clients’ mindsets were so different… and consequently, their results were different, too.  

So we were lucky enough to



Have You Got A Success Mindset?

Hi there, I just wanted to give a big shout out to all of you that are taking Restaurant Success Quiz – at thank you for doing that. It’s great to hear from you, hopefully the results of the quiz are giving you a lot of insights about your business; the things that you could do, need to do, or need to think about. 

The quiz itself is based on 18 years of work that we’ve done in the restaurant industry and the thousands of people that we’ve spoken to,

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Don’t have this dangerous mindset.

One of the things that I’ve been thinking of as the COVID period gently recedes into the past, then hopefully we open up right across the country and we continue to open up over the next few weeks and months, is that people have become quite complacent about their marketing.  It’s quite a scary thing for me that I’m seeing.  But my clients certainly haven’t become complacent. They’ve been going hell for leather and doing really great – 200% up, 300% up – which is fabulous. But I’ve noticed that

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Restaurant Success Quiz Follow Up

Hi there, I just wanted to say thank you for filling in the questionnaire. And congratulations as well for taking time to do it, it’s really great to see that you’re investing some time in growing your business in these troubled times.

If you haven’t yet taken the Restaurant Success quiz, you can click here to take it.

The reason for me giving you feedback like this is that I do want to help. I love this industry and worked in it for about 18 years and helped thousands of people, thousands



How To Make Sales In Difficult Times

Below is a video of Howard Tinker sharing a strategy that added $20,000 in sales to a restaurant that was facing weeks of empty tables. This is just one of the many restaurant marketing ideas that he shares with people who book calls with him. So if you are interested in learning how to increase your restaurant’s profits or other restaurant marketing tips, watch the video below and get in touch with howard by booking a 15 minute chat with him via his calendar here

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