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What are your “WHY’s” in Running A Restaurant Business?


Deep down in the heart of every business owner and entrepreneur is the answer to that question, why? Why did you feel it necessary to risk everything and start a business? Why this kind of business? Why this business in particular?

In all the years of asking restaurateurs those questions I have never heard the answer “for the money”. Not one person. I’ve often heard stories about passion for cooking, ‘it was in my blood’, ‘I watched my mother’, I wanted to share my passion for the food with



How To Run A Profitable Family Friendly Restaurant…

It sounds obvious but you need a plan.

Most people open restaurants because they love food, they’re passionate cooks but they’re not necessarily business orientated.  If you want to run (or already run) a family focused or friendly restaurant you need to plan how you are going to market your restaurant to that niche.

Personally I loved taking my daughter to a family friendly pizza restaurant when she was small.  We probably visited the same place for about 10 years.  It had tiled floors so any mess could easily be



How To Develop A Mindset for Success for your Restaurant Business


From my book “More Bums On Seats” – Five Steps To A Highly Successful Restaurant.

Alice laughed. “There’s no use trying,” she said: “one can’t believe impossible things.”

I daresay you haven’t much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” (Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll)

Every single strategy that I teach is thoroughly tried and tested, it’s not academic theory dreamt up in a classroom, this

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How To Get Repeat Business for Your Restaurant Business

Repeat Business
Reach – Reason – Rationale

Reach = List / Tribe / Following / Audience

Reason = Timing / Calendar Event / Constructed Event

Rationale = Psychological Triggers e.g. Scarcity / Urgency / Reward / Community / “Forced” Loyalty / Pain of Disconnect. Is


By definition, in order for repeat business to happen there has to be a mechanism for reaching out to influence an original customer to come back and purchase once more.

The first issue is how to reach out to our current customers in order to influence them.  The obvious answer is



Restaurant Profit Marketing Tip 54- Partnering with Local Gyms


This video tip is about partnering with gyms. But before we begin with that, we need to back up and talk about why would you want to partner with anyone.

Well, this is a strategy that’s going to bring lots of new people into your business and everybody wants new business. There’s only four ways you can actually grow your business.

Number one is bringing in New Business.
Number two is bringing a Repeat Business.
Number three is Increasing The Amount Of Money That People Spend once they’re with you.
And number four

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Instagram Marketing For Your Restaurant



How to Use Instagram As A Way To Promote Your Restaurant Business


This video tip is about how to use Instagram as a way to promote your brand and use in a competition to get viral photographs going around as well as your restaurant’s hashtag.

This is what you do:  You set up a competition in your restaurant and the way that people enter is to take food photographs and then put a hashtag of your restaurant name in that food photograph.

You need to tell people what’s going on. You’re going to go out a little bit off-line here. You’re going



How To Get New Business From The Yellow Pages in the 21st Century For Your Restaurant

In this VIDEO Blog I want to talk to you about Yellow Pages. And before you think I’ve gone nuts and turn away from this just give me a few moments to explain to you why that might be an interesting place for you to look for new business.

So the Yellow Pages still gets delivered. Believe it or not even in this day and age people still get the Yellow Pages delivered to their door. And the thing that you’ve got to realize is that there is a

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Restaurant Marketing Tips – Managing Your Restaurant’s Online Reviews:

This is a very important Restaurant Marketing Tip that a lot of restaurant owners need to take note of. Maybe the reason they don’t is the pain they feel when they read On-line Reviews and see the negative things that some people have written about them, they don’t want to go back and look again.

However the problem with this is that 85% of people believe what they read in on-line review and take them into consideration when choosing where to dine. Now this is GREAT news if all of the

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The Three Things Every Successful Restaurant Owner Has…

IMPORTANT UPDATE: It’s not unusual for our clients to get 30% response rate and make $50,000 per month for spending $1,000 when running this strategy…

How Would You Like To Have The Three Things Every Successful Restaurant Owner Has?…

A reliable flow of people coming into the restaurant
Higher profits for the business and therefore income for themselves
A consistently busy dining room

Let me show you how to get all three today:

The strategy that delivers all three of these is the birthday club… It’s not rocket science, it’s not even a secret, I’ve been

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Great Netflix Email You Can Learn Marketing From

A great direct response, niche email from Netflix. There is so much you can learn from this in terms of attracting new and repeat business – as well as a great copywriting technique.