Restaurant Marketing Books

Praise for More Bums On Seats:

“Every restaurant owner should read this book. It contains essential marketing ideas and strategies that will help everyone from the new owner to the most experienced restaurateur.” Christopher Levy. Former CEO of Pizza Hut Australia. Life Member and Hall of Fame Member of The Franchise Council of Australia.

Praise for Selling at the Table:

“This book is great - I love that it talks about practical scenarios which owners/managers/staff can easily relate to. It will become a valuable tool for restaurateurs - especially those who are willing to challenge the norm." Marilyn Annecchini, Pilu at Freshwater and Pilu at Akuna Bay.

More Bums On Seats

By Howard Tinker

If you're interested in learning how to market your restaurant then More Bums On Seats is for you. This book is based on the many hundreds of restaurants that we've worked with over the last decade.

I wrote about all the things that I had learned that will get people to come back to your restaurant for repeat business and how to get new business through your door as well.

There's a whole section about mindset including the twelve obstacles that you will encounter that will stop you marketing effectively.  So this is a really important book from the point of view… teaching you about the obstacles that are going to get in your way of you making your restaurant highly profitable unless you're aware of them.

Restaurant Marketing Books - More Bums On Seats

Selling at the Table

By Howard Tinker

My follow up book is called Selling at the Table and comes from another place altogether. It's nothing to do with marketing it's all to do with having your staff say the right things in the right way at the right time in order that people will increase the amount that they spend when they're dining with you.

So if you're interested in marketing your restaurant More Bums On Seats is for you, if you're interested in getting your staff to increase the amount that people spend in your restaurant then it's Selling At The Table that’s for you… And if you're really smart you'll get both books because they're both great for increasing your profits.

Restaurant Marketing Books - selling at the table