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Are You Ready For The End of Restrictions?

The government has started to relax the restrictions on hospitality businesses operating during the Covid-19 crisis.  Changes will begin to roll out from this weekend for most states, however some state premiers are being more cautious – in particular Victoria’s Daniel Andrews.

In this video I discuss the issues and opportunities you will have to consider when re opening your venue to people dining in.  In particular how this will effect your profits and how your customers and prospects view your response.



1,000 meals served from the Adopt A Healthcare Worker Promotion – Videos

A few weeks ago I promoted the idea that if you would create a promotion based around “Adopting a Healthcare or Frontline Worker”, you would raise awareness of your restaurant in the community you would generate some much needed revenue and at the same time get members of the community to “pay it forward” for you to provide meals for frontline workers.

The benefits of this are numerous, including –

That you will generate revenue right away
That you will have a really good reason to continuously promote on social media what you



How Your Restaurant Can Thrive Despite COVID-19

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Below are a collection of strategies that are working right now to make sure that restaurants survive.

Make Social Media Posts every day – even twice a day, that show that you are open and what you have on offer that day.

Example Social Media Posts For Your Restaurant



Valet Take Away gets people to order then pick up in their car, making



How Do I Attract Customers To My Restaurant?

Five Top Strategies to Attract More Customers to Your Restaurant

The next question – and it’s a good question – is what attracts someone; a customer, a diner to your restaurant? In the old days, all you had to do basically was have good food, good service, and a hygienic place and people would come in. Now, unfortunately, those days were gone.

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How Do I Promote My Small Restaurant Business?

I’ve been asked to answer a few questions and rather than just having you read a blog, what I thought I’d do is answer the questions in a video too so that we can have a face to face discussion about it.

So please see the video below…

The first question that they asked me to answer was: “How do I promote my small restaurant business?” Sounds like a simple question and I’m sure a lot of people—maybe you—have actually thought that. “How do I do it? You know how there’s so

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Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Restaurant Marketing For Granted?


I cannot tell you how many times I have had to convince a restaurant owner that marketing is a normal part of business and just because he/she has opened their doors, doesn’t mean that anyone will come in.


You probably work within your four walls for anything up to 100 hours a week and consequently your world view becomes very narrow. Your restaurant consumes most of you waking hours, your thoughts and your energy, and it isn’t surprising that you lose touch with the realities of life for your customers and



Why Great Food and Services Doesn’t Guarantee Success for Your Restaurant Business?


In a perfect world, providing your customers with good food and service should be enough but it isn’t. Every year hundreds of restaurateurs who have good food and good service close their door for the final time. Their business, dreams and lives are often in ruins because they never got ever this obstacle.


Even great food and service doesn’t guarantee success, remember Gordon Ramsay’s Maze restaurant in Melbourne? It did $14 million in sales in its penultimate year and still closed with debts, Tony Bilson’s Bilson Restaurant which received



Why Is It Important Not To Think Like a Restaurateur in Running Your Restaurant Business?


No insult intended. Einstein is quoted as having said, “The last to know about water are fish” meaning they are so absorbed in the stuff that they have no sense of the world outside of it.


This is the same for the majority of restaurateurs. You spend so much time inside the four walls of your business, mentally as well as physical, that you find it hard to think “outside of that box”.


“Restauranteurs think like restauranteurs, NOT like business owners who have chosen a restaurant as a vehicle to



What are your “WHY’s” in Running A Restaurant Business?


Deep down in the heart of every business owner and entrepreneur is the answer to that question, why? Why did you feel it necessary to risk everything and start a business? Why this kind of business? Why this business in particular?

In all the years of asking restaurateurs those questions I have never heard the answer “for the money”. Not one person. I’ve often heard stories about passion for cooking, ‘it was in my blood’, ‘I watched my mother’, I wanted to share my passion for the food with



How To Run A Profitable Family Friendly Restaurant…

It sounds obvious but you need a plan.

Most people open restaurants because they love food, they’re passionate cooks but they’re not necessarily business orientated.  If you want to run (or already run) a family focused or friendly restaurant you need to plan how you are going to market your restaurant to that niche.

Personally I loved taking my daughter to a family friendly pizza restaurant when she was small.  We probably visited the same place for about 10 years.  It had tiled floors so any mess could easily be