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Five Types Of Posts

Today I want to talk a little bit about social media posting. Many people get confused about what to post.  The biggest issue for me is knowing whether what is posted generates sales or just engagement.  Engagement is ok – but it doesn’t pay the bills and give you income – only sales will do that.

So we have found that the five different categories of posts definitely do both – they create engagement and sales.

As well as having Restaurant Profits, our marketing business, we also do something for our clients

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Staffing and Values

Recently I spent a few weeks on the road in NSW and Queensland sampling lots of different restaurants, cafes and bars to get a good idea about what’s going on in the industry.  I wanted to understand what people are being challenged with beyond covid.

One of the things that I noticed was that there is a definite shortage of staff.  And I know I’m preaching to the choir here. But I learned that the Queensland government are going to release a grant of $1,500, to anybody that will go to



The Little Things

I recently visited two really great restaurants that are having different levels of success and to my mind this is why…  By the way, both restaurants have previously been awarded hats, but currently neither restaurant is hatted.

After we had dined, we reflected on what had been good about each restaurant? And what could they do differently?

One of the restaurants was just amazing. We had a wonderful time there, the food was great, the service was great, the wine list was incredible. Everything worked really well. From my opinion that restaurant



What To Do When You’re in Lockdown

We are in lockdown again. I’ve started to see some angry comments from restaurant owners about what it’s doing to their businesses.  I totally understand the anger and frustration. But honestly, that’s not going to do any good. If you just keep feeling those feelings and venting.  What you have to do is push those feelings aside and say to yourself, “how can I make this time work for me”?

The number one thing that you can do is work on your business.

When I have spoken to people about this previously



How Acting Like A Top NRL Club (The Roosters) Can Transform Your Restaurant… (Yes seriously).

What you probably don’t know about me is that I am a big rugby league fan. I’ve supported rugby league since I was a kid, my dad used to play, he was also a manager, a coach and a referee. And so it’s actually in my blood to love rugby league.

Since I moved to Australia, gosh, about 25 years ago, I’ve been a Sydney Roosters supporter.  The reason I tell you this (and what I want to talk to you about today) is how they have developed a culture where



The Three Favourite Days

If we were to hold a pop quiz amongst restaurant owners, and the question was; “Name the three most favorite days for people dining out in Australia”.  Most people would say, St Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and maybe Melbourne Cup, or Father’s Day.  And the answer would be wrong.

The days that people love to dine out are:

Their birthday, or their partner’s birthday.Their wedding anniversary.And other significant events.

The reason that we remember these dates is that they’re laden with emotion, they mean something to someone, if I say to you, “What



Make more money now with these menu marketing tips.

We’re in March, and it’s the end of the job keeper and job seeker support from the government. So things are going to change. So what I’m focusing on this month is how can you still make money and attract people in when everything’s changing in the economy once again.

One of the fast ways to do it is to do some menu marketing. And what I’m gonna do is give you five tips that you can use straight away to make sure that people actually spend more money with you.



Money For Nothing

How would it be if I could tell you how to get money for nothing? Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to do in this blog.

A few years ago, probably about or six or seven years ago, we were working with a client who was selling gift vouchers. They were doing it by having people fill in forms and fax them in. I said to them, why don’t you do it directly from your website, put a button on your website, let them order there. And then you can automatically



Get People to Dine Now with a Seasonal Menu Launch

We’re in March 2021, and the Australian Government is withdrawing job keeper and job seeker payments. And that might cause a problem for you.

Number one, if you have been surviving on job keeper payments, then you really are going to have to start to promote to get people to come in.Number two, if the people that live around you, the ones that are normally your client group that come in and dine at the restaurant, if they’ve been surviving on job seeker or job keeper payments, they are going to



Emergency Marketing

Up until a couple of weeks ago, most of my clients were doing great.

People were coming in, people were ordering takeaway and delivery. They’re doing great with profits.

Then all of a sudden, in WA, there’s a lockdown. One person gets COVID and two million people and are told to stay at home.  And immediately the restaurants lose trade. Then if that’s not bad enough, there’s bushfires north of Perth and south of Perth and so people are not coming out.   So instantly where my clients were making a lot of