121 Reasons To Think BUSINESS!

Today the mail man returned 121 invites to the “Double Your Restaurant’s Profits” Seminar in Sydney.

Just so we are clear that’s 121 this week. We only sent out 2,000 invites and we only invited a selection of restaurants listed in the 2009 Yellow pages in NSW.

1 in 10 Restaurant Owners Going Broke?

What’s worse is that these guys paid to be in this year’s Yellow pages. That means that they were in business only a couple of months ago!

We don't run the seminar for another week so we will probably get at least another 59 returns by then. That will mean that 1 in 10 of those restaurants we mailed have gone! (With no forwarding address and no other tennent to take their place).

Now if these guys had come to the seminar we ran last year I know we could have shown them how to make more money.
I would have shown them how to fill their restaurants.
How to save their businesses.
How to save their homes, dreams and pride.

Hell I could have shown them how to have fun in their businesses again and how to make some real money. But they didn't come to the seminar – I guess they knew better or thought things would work themselves out!

So here's your chance: whether you are doing it tough or you want to make more money or even to get your life back (to escape the prison that this business can become) I guarantee that you will learn how to get the results you dreamed of when you opened your business.

The next Double Your Restaurant Profits Seminar is just over a week away in Sydney (Monday August 17th). Book today and you will save $150!