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Howard is one of the smartest marketers I have come across. Not only does he understand what it takes to get people into a restaurant he and his team just do it for you… It’s marketing smarts and implementation all in one… and I don’t know where else you can get that, I’ve never seen it in 20 years in the industry. That’s why we brought Restaurant Profits in to work with OTTO.

- John Fink

Award Winning: Bennelong, Quay, Bridge Room, OTTO and Firedoor.


Working with Restaurant Profits has been amazing for us... the marketing strategies they do for us are so successful we sometimes have to turn them off because we simply can't take any more people in the restaurant. What we used to consider a quiet night was 20 or 30 people, now on our quiet nights, we're disappointed if we do 70 people! We are packed through lunches... and Friday nights used to be dead for us, now we have a two week wait list. It's never been like that for us, wait listing people two and three weeks out was unheard of!

- Judy McMahon

Award Winning Catalina,Rose Bay NSW

When I started working with Restaurant Profits I was skeptical. I had seen all the usual sales people with their whiz bang ideas but nothing had really worked. We took a chance because Howard was referred by a good friend of ours and I am really glad we did. Howard taught us the value of our database and we have done everything we can to grow it and market to it. We can now make money from it instantly and I can fill a quiet night with the push of a button. Working with Restaurant Profits has really transformed our business and given us the success we’d been struggling to achieve before.

- Dan McKinnon

Award Winning Cottage Point Inn

I thank my lucky stars that I went and saw Howard speak at the Restaurant show. Our restaurant wasn’t performing anywhere near what we knew was possible and we didn't know what to do. Even though I have a background in marketing, usual marketing strategies just didn't work as well as we wanted them to. Howard has helped us refine the marketing we were implementing and then pushed us further to really start getting some fantastic results. I have implemented the things I have learnt from Howard across both our restaurants and bars. We have just had the best end of year ever, our sales were through the roof - and I still didn't implement everything Howard told me to (I shudder to think how much more we would have made if I had!)

- Angelique Haritos

Verandah NSW

With Restaurant Profits we grew your customer list from NIL to over 50,000 people. Our last marketing strategy brought in $43,000 in 3 days. Every time we send an email it gives us at least $2,500 in sales. If we did one a week, that would be over $130,000 just from our email list - and it costs us virtually nothing to do! Do yourself a favour, go work with and learn from Howard and his team.

- Mandy Cameron

Award Winning Cottage Point Inn NSW

Howard and his team have exploded the numbers of diners coming to Ume. We recently did a promotion with him that was so successful we turned HUNDREDS of people away! He promises miracles and he is the first marketer or PR person who has delivered them. If you want to grow your business then you need to listen to Howard and his team!

- Craig Kirby

UME Restaurant, Surry Hills

We had no idea the power ARMS marketing would have on our business. We get such great comments from our diners about our marketing and how it makes them feel special. Our sales have increased and now January is one of our busiest months when it used to one of the quietest. We also won the Allianz Small Business Award (plus $5000!) due to the marketing and database we had created with ARMS. ARMS have really opened our eyes to what we are capable of.

- Keith Nunns

Willow and Spoon – Kitchen Espresso

What Howard doesn’t know about marketing isn’t worth knowing! After one phone call with him I knew how to drive customers into my business without it costing me a cent. One day later I had seven local businesses sending their clients to my door… He is a genius and the Restaurant Profits team is amazing at making this stuff happen!

- Lea Bowen

Hedgend Maze & Cafe, Healesville

Thanks Howard, great inspiration. With your help in the past Steve and I are taking long service leave for 6 months this year.

- Judy van den Yssel-RichardsHaritos

Jester House, New Zealand

Our Clients