Doing Business Like a BOSS

This week Bruce Springsteen has been rocking Sydney - and his success can teach us all a big business lesson.

The 63 year old Rocker has been delighting fans for decades and he is still as popular with his niche as ever.

A clue to why was revealed by a fan on today the ABC radio morning show. Listeners were asked to call in and give feedback about the show.

Here's what one guy said (and I paraphrase).  'The show was the best I have ever seen, and I am old, so I have seen many concerts. Why was it the best?  Because he (Bruce) engaged us.  He made it all about us.  It was our show!'

I remember the first time I ever saw Springsteen.  I was home sick from school and I flicked onto a TV station that was showing a rock concert in the day time (very unusual in the 80s before MTV).  So even though I didn't have a clue who the band were I watched the show.  This denim clad lead singer with a big mop of bushy hair (later I discovered it was Springsteen) was playing this mix of heavy country based guitar rock while a saxophonist who was dressed in a bright coloured tuxedo was belting out loud melodies by his side!  The band were going off!  Springsteen jumped into the audience, pulled out women to dance with him then got the whole audience to join in choruses while he moved around the stage. I had never seen anything like this before! (Flashback: this was while spandex clad BEE GEES were squeaking Staying Alive).  Within weeks I had the album "The River" and was a lifelong fan.

Springsteen in the 80s and still in 2013 is the boss in business too...  He knows that it's not about him.  He knows it's about engaging his audience, his niche, us.  We are the most important factor, he doesn't go after the "disco niche, or indie niche" he knows what we want, he gives it to us and he engages us in that process.

By the way, he's not the best singer, songwriter, guitarist or dancer either.  And even though he isn't, he is still a multi millionaire rocker - why?  Because what he sells is what we want and what "it" (his performance) does for us.

You must do the same: know your audience, sell them what they want and let them know it's all about them.  It's not about being the best chef or having the best food either, it's about what YOU do for US!