Dress Your Windows


When we first start working with people, one of the things that they often want to do is bring in new business. We obviously love focusing on repeat business, but I get it, that you want new people to come in as well. One of the most simple things you can do is look at your signage.

One of my clients decided to really go for it one year and put a lot of work in to dress their windows for Christmas. They had all sorts of decorations including a Santa Claus and it really stood out. They are on a long strip of shops with 6 other dining places and so people walking past looked at their place as opposed to the competition and it drew extra people in.

I've also seen restaurants use chalk paint on the windows just to announce specials or to announce something that's happening that month. Also, when seasons change, make sure you announce your new season menu. I'm not talking about putting signage all over your windows here, it could be that you just use a portion of your windows as a billboard for people walking past.

It's a really easy thing for you to do but don't do it yourself, get a sign writer. It has to look good as it's your own free advertising place to let people know what's going on inside. Remember, it's what's in it for them too. Give them a great reason to come in because you're doing something special.

Tips and Take aways:

  • This is a NEW Business Strategy
  • Signage Is Very Important
  • Window Dressing For Seasonal Changes Works
  • Chalk Paint Is Quick and Easy To Announce Changes
  • Use A Professional Sign Writer If Possible
  • You Own The Space - So Advertising is FREE!
  • Give Them A Reason To Come Through Your Door