Email marketing, the reality

If you are pinning your restaurant's success on email marketing then wake up and smell the coffee!

The latest research* shows how ineffective email marketing is for Restaurants and Food Services...

Only 9.58% of people open emails from restaurants - put another way 90.2% of the emails you send either get ignored or deleted!  If you put a link into the email, to get people to book on-line for instance, it gets worse only 0.64% of people click it!

Whenever I begin coaching with a new member I always have to spell out the reality of "Hard Mail Marketing" over email marketing, yes you have to pay for postage and printing with hard mail but the response to hard mail is much much higher.

Remember email "open rates" and "click rates" have nothing to do with money going into the bank - it only means that the recipient looked at your message.  With hard mail some of my members are getting 70% (yes SEVENTY percent) RESPONSE rates - response meaning that these people actually come to the restaurant as a response to the marketing piece.

The $ return on their investment (ROI) for hard mailing is often thousands of percent over what they paid to send out the marketing piece - this is not unusual by the way - many of my members achieve these kinds of results.  The secrets of their success?:

1. Be relevant to the recipient the message has to be "All about them" not you!
2. Make them an offer they cannot refuse.
3. Have a strategy inside your business to make the most of each client visit.
4. Be consistent and persistent with your marketing messages.
5. Test, test and re-test your offers and messages to get the best response.
6. Be generous with your customers they are worth thousands to you.
7. Use email as a supplementary vehicle not the main one or only one.

The two biggest secrets though are these - 1. You have to have a good list to market to - therefore you have to collect or work with a database that is ideal for your business, 2. You have to understand the psychology of your customers and how to trigger a response from them.

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I hope this has been useful for you.

*email research from email marketing metrics from