Emergency Marketing

Up until a couple of weeks ago, most of my clients were doing great.

People were coming in, people were ordering takeaway and delivery. They're doing great with profits.

Then all of a sudden, in WA, there's a lockdown. One person gets COVID and two million people and are told to stay at home.  And immediately the restaurants lose trade. Then if that's not bad enough, there's bushfires north of Perth and south of Perth and so people are not coming out.   So instantly where my clients were making a lot of money, things really dried up fast.

The first thing that happens when things dry up is that we tend to panic, and my clients are no different to you. They're human beings and so the first thing that happens is they think, “oh, my goodness, what am I going to do?”  That creative thinking that they've got just shuts down and they go into flight and fight mode.

The other interesting thing to know is their customers, your customers also do the same, they also go into flight and fight mode, and then they start to worry about, “am I going to have enough money, I need to save my money, I shouldn't spend my money”, because they don't know what's going to happen around the corner.  So they stop spending on restaurants take away and delivery.  And this instantly affects your business.

So a couple of things that I did for my clients, which I want to share with you is that I did a webinar where we talked through the amazing strategies that they did in the first COVID lockdown, which transform their businesses and turned them into money magnets by doing takeaway and delivery.  We talked about what did they do?  What did they do on social media?  What did they do with their emails, and so on.  I reminded them of the great strategies that they already had up their sleeves, ready to go that had brought tons of revenue in last time

Then I took them through a three-step process, where we looked at the following: 

  1. what are the messages that you want to get out?  There are about five different types of messages that you want to get out.
  2. What are the platforms that you need to get them out on? And
  3. What are the days that they need to do it?

It's a simple three-step process.  If you're interested in learning the 5 kinds of messages you need to get out, I’ll teach you that too, simply click on the link HERE. Just enter your details and I'll take you straight to a recorded webinar so you can watch it in your own time. You don't have to speak to me, but I'll take you through that same process. You can also download a handout so that you can do it while you're watching the video and then you will have your own emergency marketing plan which you can also use to promote your business now.

If you're interested in doing that, click on the link HERE. Book into the session, you'll be able to see it straight away or come back and see a later time when you've got time. And then you can download the handout, fill it in and then straight away get marketing.

Best of luck, Howard