Every Day is a Reason to Market!

I got an email this morning from a client with a sightly tounge-in-cheek menu attached celebrating the forthcoming royal birth.  I say only slightly tongue-in-cheek as I am sure she will use this or something like it to cash in on what's topical.

Michele does special menus each month and whenever anything big is in the minds of her customers; The Olympics, World Cup(s), Masterchef etc she will cash in on that topic, so the royal birth is definitely on the radar - the media coverage is going to be sickening - and Michele's customers will get a chuckle from this and get word of mouth out there for her.

But what do you do when you can't think of anything to market?  

My suggestion; simply make up a reason.  In Australia 11 months out of 12 there IS a reason that comes straight from the calendar e.g. St Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Halloween, Melbourne Cup etc.  But one month of the year this is not the case, any guesses?  Answer: August.  So it's up to you to use your imagination, Some of my clients use their own birthday (or their partner's), the anniversary of opening the restaurant is a good one, August Madness can be anything or you can just about use anything.

Even though we are in July and have opportunities such as; "Happy New Financial Year", "4th of July" and "Xmas in July" to name just three, one company (Booktopia) decided that July is Australian Romance Month!  And good luck to them I say!  See the image below.

Although this is in itself good marketing, I like the fact that they are giving us an offer to get us to buy in "romance month" - free shipping.  AND for those of us not into romance (about 49% of us I suspect) then there's even an offer for us to buy too.

So remember there is ALWAYS  a reason to market your business and the more you tell… the more you sell!