Extend Valentine’s Day to cover the whole weekend


Here is a good question for You:
Can you stretch Valentine’s Day over a weekend or a week in your Restaurant?

Well this year, you’re in absolute luck because Valentine’s Day is on Saturday. So that means, you can start your “celebrations” on Friday and finish them on Sunday. You can even stretch the celebration over a week when Valentine’s Day falls mid-week. When Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday, stretch it out and call it the “Week of Romance”.

You might say that you “don’t need to do any marketing for Valentine’s Day, because your restaurant will be full anyway” but by extending Valentine’s “Day” to the whole weekend (or week) you increase the likelihood that your restaurant will be full throughout the weekend or the week. You can stretch occasions like St Valentine's Day for as long as you want – there’s no rules here!

Let’s face it some of your guests might not be able to make it on Valentine’s night – some of them might be working in restaurants for example… They could come on Thursday, Friday or Sunday night though, or any day during the week for that matter. If you stretch Valentine’s Day out as far as you can, you’ll make the most of the opportunity and increase your profits.


  • What can you do to entice people to come in during the week or weekend to celebrate their romance?
  • Market out to your database explaining the reason
  • By doing this you will increase the number of people dining for that reason and your profits!

Restaurant Coach: Howard Tinker