Get People to Dine Now with a Seasonal Menu Launch

We're in March 2021, and the Australian Government is withdrawing job keeper and job seeker payments. And that might cause a problem for you.

  • Number one, if you have been surviving on job keeper payments, then you really are going to have to start to promote to get people to come in.
  • Number two, if the people that live around you, the ones that are normally your client group that come in and dine at the restaurant, if they've been surviving on job seeker or job keeper payments, they are going to withdraw themselves, they're going to go into fight and flight, and they're going to stop spending so much money.

So you need to be the one that promotes your restaurant and give them an invite or an excuse to come in, and dine. People will but not under their own steam, you can wait and hope that they will motivate themselves to come out and find you. You have to be the one that reaches out and gives them a compelling reason, an invite to come in.

So what we do with our clients is that we create a 12 month calendar. In Australia, we're really lucky from January to December, just about every month, we've got something going on whether it's Mother's Day, Father's Day, St. Patrick's Day, St Valentine’s day, Melbourne Cup, Christmas, whatever it is, we've got things happening mostly through the year in the calendar. But there's four days that most restaurateurs do something, but they don't let people know… and that's when they change their menus.

You probably change your menu because you want to use the cheaper seasonal vegetables etc on your menu. Well, that's a great excuse to invite people to come in. Over the years, we've really pushed our clients to do this and their customers, their guests, they love it. They come in because there's a new menu, there's something really interesting to try. It's not boring, normal stuff, it's something special that you're doing and celebrating with them.

The other thing that we've encouraged our clients to do is to partner with another supplier, I'm not going to go into the details here because that is something that we do for our clients. But suffice to say when people come in and dine with that special menu, every quarter, they also get an extra bonus from another supplier. Suppliers are happy to supply these extras because they're getting promoted to the many thousands of people on the restaurant’s email list, social media accounts and in house. So don't worry about offending a supplier by asking for them to ‘come to the party’ you just have to reach out and ask.

We have done this kind of promotion for a few years now and it's really, really grown. Not only the finances and the profits of our clients, but they grown their database because the word gets out there and other people want to be on the mailing list to be invited to these special nights as well.

So we ran this promotion for several of our clients last week, and on Thursday, one of my clients, let me know that they got 125 in for dinner “on a Thursday night”, they normally wouldn't do anything like that - 2 - Transcribed by they only seat 100 in their dining room. So they're turning the tables on a Thursday night. And again on Friday, lunch the restaurant was packed as well.

Another of our other clients did $86,000 with an Autumn menu launch a couple years ago. He repeated it again the following spring and had over 1,000 people dine because of the promotion and the financial results were even better.

So now that money is going to get tighter follow these recommendations:

  1. Make sure that you have a promotional calendar.
  2. Make sure that you actually promote it. Don't sit on your hands and not promote it.
  3. Create a seasonal menu and promote it. Don't just do a new menu and sit there and hope people come in, get the message out there, promote it to your audience, invite them in. Make sure that you do a lot of content marketing out onto social media and your emails and in house so that people know about it.

If you want any more information about the kind of things that we do for our clients. Come to our website, and book a call with us. Here is my calendar link