Happy New Year, Now Live Your Life…

Happy New Year, Now Live Your Life...

One of the best things about this time of year is that we can take the opportunity to STOP, breathe, reflect, be grateful and look forward.  As someone who is involved with personal growth I have the opportunity to talk with positive, willing, and thoughtful people every day.  Today, New Year’s Eve 2011, three of us, discussed the following questions:

  1. What was the best thing about 2011?
  2. What did you learn this year and how?
  3. Taking that/those lesson/s forward who and how will you be in 2012?

So speaking personally:

  1. The best things for me about 2011 was my personal development in terms of my role in the business; moving from operator to owner/leader.  AND the quality time spent with my wife and daughter, particularly on our trip to Europe and our relationship since we returned.
  2. What I learned in 2011:  Life is temporary and brief and time is too precious to be wasted on anything that isn’t fulfilling.  This year the death of a young man, a colleague, shook me up and reminded me how fragile my life is.  On reflecting upon his death and what it meant to me I decided from that point on I will only do what fulfils me. This includes not having miserable, pessimistic, negative or mean people in my life, also that I will do what I want to do while I have the opportunity.  I believe the biggest regrets in life come from what we didn’t do, not from what we did.
  3. In 2012 I will further change my role in the business, further removing myself from day to day coaching and “hands on” work with/for clients.  Instead I will focus on developing the team within the business so that we can provide greater service and products for everyone we work with. I will become more involved with networks that serve our industry so that we can supply our services to more people.I will spend more quality time with my family and friends doing things and attending events that have nothing to do with my work.I will explore other interests and ways of being of service such as investing micro finance to support entrepreneurship in developing countries.

So the next step is to create a list of things to do this coming year; that might include some big things like holidays and investments, plus small things like taking vitamins each day.  This is a personal thing and we as a family have already done it.  It’s funny that all of us on the call this morning had already done it.

There is a definite link between planning (goal setting) and achievement and it’s no accident that those who take time out to do this kind of exercise achieve so much.  It comes down to the motivation to dream, plan and implement.

As a business owner you are a leader – whether you accept that title or not.  You lead your staff by example. You can only effectively lead if you know where you are going, so it is imperative that you take time out to plan and when better than at this time of year?  Yes its only an arbitrary line in the sand but it does have relevance as a measure.

So my advice is to spend some time with other positive, proactive, growth orientated people and use the 3 questions above to have a meaningful New Years Conversation.

Then take time to write out how you want 2012 to be for you based on what you learned from 2011.  My list includes items on the following; Family, Business, Finance, Fun, Health, Home, Education and Growth.  Of course it makes sense to share this list with other important people in your life including family members and to share business related goals with business partners.  Some negotiation might have to take place too and that’s fine.  Better to get this conversation out in the open that to spend 2012 frustrated and regretful!

Happy New Year!