Have you partnered with a gym yet?


Have you partnered with a GYM yet?

I often talk about who you can partner with in business in your local area. If you have gyms within 3-5 Km of your restaurant, they will be attracting the same people who you want to dine at your restaurant. Your opportunity is to do a joint venture with them and invite their customers to come and dine at your restaurant.

But how are you going to do that? By offering gift(s) to their membership - Vouchers, you could even do the birthday club with them. There are costs attached to this but the price of getting somebody in, (when you know the value of an ongoing customer) is very small.

So make sure that you get out there. Joint venturing with a gym is an effective way to market your restaurant. The gym will most likely welcome you with open arms as they get to wow their customer with your offer. If you get a rejection just move on to the next one because you will find one who wants to work with you.

Take Aways:

  • This is a NEW Business strategy.
  • Gyms have massive databases.
  • They attract people who live 3-5KMs.
  • Offer them gifts to drive their clients to you.
  • They are struggling so should welcome the offer of a bonus for new or existing members.
  • You will get rejected but, just move on to the next gym.