Hold Special Events To Increase Your Database


Boosting your database numbers, we've talked about joint ventures, we've talked about competitions, and another way of doing that is to have special events. You can do things that are attractive to your audience, if you know who your audience is. We've talked about your particular niche before. Also, to your geographic audience as well. You can do things that get the local people to come in, so you can get involved in community events, or for instance, if you're a steak restaurant, you can do things around steak.

If you are of a particular culture, like Chinese or Thai or Indian, you can do things around that. We've worked with different cultural restaurants in the past. One great example of this was a Thai restaurant that we worked with who did their version of Valentine's Day, which I believe, excuse the pronunciation, but I think it was Loi Krathong, was their Valentine's Day. You will have noticed it by the couples that light the balloons that go up into the air with the heat that's created with the candles. That's that same celebration. They had Valentine's Day in a Thai way, which wasn't in February, and that brought a lot of people in, because they were interested in learning about the Thai culture. They'd seen it in videos, they'd seen it in pictures, they'd heard about it when they were in Thailand on their holiday, so this restaurateur used that to get people to come in and it built a database, because people brought their friends and family and so on along, and then he ran competitions on that night, or he got them to join his birthday club.

You can do that around your own culture, you can do it about the theme of the food that you sell. Like I said, if you're running a steak restaurant, or an organic restaurant, or something along those lines, so people bring their friends and family who will then join your database.

Don't be stuck thinking about the calendar, in terms of Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day and so on. Think about what else you can offer that's going to bring people in.

Tips and Take aways:

  • Special Events Are A Great Way To Grow Your Database
  • Design Themes Based Around What You Are Known For - Steak - Seafood - Wines - Pasts Classes - Family Nights
  • Consider Community Events
  • Consider Cultural Events Linked To Your Theme
  • Run Competitions & Offer Your Birthday Club To Attendees

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