Holding Book Launches


Have you ever thought of holding a book launch at your restaurant? Now, it might seem like a kind of weird thing to do but I've seen it work in lots of places. Speaking as an author, when I came to launch my book, I wanted to have it in a restaurant, for obvious reasons for me. We chose 360 Restaurant at the top of the Sydney Tower for our launch. I know a lot of other authors that are looking for places where they can actually put their book launch on. Many of them do it early in the evening, so from 5 till 7 because they want their friends and family members to go there straight after work. They will use function rooms and they will pay for these events.

One of the things you can do is reach out to book shops, reach out to publishers and get involved with book publishing companies. Find out if they're publishing books for self published authors or printers. Particularly, if you are a client of ours, talk to me. I'll tell you who publish my book and they publish a lot of books for authors that are self publishing. These guys have got to do their own promotions so they are looking for venues.

Then on top of that, there's agents who part on speaking events for new authors and for established authors. I went to an event where Benji Marshall and Mark Ella, they're rugby players, were selling their books. This was a lunch time event. I went along, the place is packed, it was a great event. This was a place that didn't typically do lunches and yet it was booked solid, filled with men of course because it was about rugby and rugby league. But it was great for that. I went to see Wally Lewis speak, I know the restaurant, when he was launching his book on his illness that he has.

These things really work and they're great ways of attracting people to your restaurant. Think about book launches, it's just another way of getting attention for people and also bringing in money because these people will pay for the function room and for being there so bringing in extra money to your restaurant.

Tips and Take aways:

  • Book Launches Do Work
  • These Are A Great Source Of New Business
  • Use Your Function Room or Private Dining Space
  • Make Sure That The Author Is Doing Promotional Activities Too
  • Approach Good Book Shops To Partner With
  • Approach Book Publishing Companies To Partner With
  • Approach Book Printers To Find Authors To Partner With
  • The Authors Will Pay For The Space And Catering