How Are You Targeting Ideal Customers?


Are You Targeting Your Ideal Customer?

So that’s a great question “How are you Targeting your Ideal Customer?”

Number 1 - Do you know who your ideal customer is? Number 2 - Do you know enough about them so that you do things that really attracts them. So obviously, if you are a place that foodies eat then you’ve got to have that kind of menu, you’ve got have that kind of chef, you’ve got to have that kind of ambience. But if you’re going for more, of a general audience, but you’re going for maybe an age group, let’s say your going for baby boomers because there the ones who’s kids have left them, they have a bit more money now. Then you need to think about, well what is it that baby boomers want. Well they want to be able to relax, they want simple things on the menu without it being too complex, they know what they want, you’re not introducing them to some new fangled idea. So you’re really looking at a menu that attracts them. You’re also looking for things around comfort. So they don’t want to sit on hard wooden stools for instance, they don’t like menus with the fonts that are really small that they can’t read, they don’t want the lights too dim, they don’t want the music too loud.

So are you putting together a venue with the ambience and the food and the way people serve that are going to suit your ideal customers. So therefore if it was baby boomers you’ve got to look at having good lighting, having big fonts on the menu, having food that they can recognise, having music down low allowing them to relax into the meal instead of rushing them through.

On the other hand if you are going for Gen Y, Gen Y want a lot of action, they don’t want to be left to relax, they want a lot of things going on, they want a lot of funky things going on, they probably want menus on iPads or table tops, they probably want louder music, they probably don’t care about sitting around on comfortable chairs for a long time because they are probably going to be moving on.

So if you are going for a particular demographic, your ideal customer, think it through, what is it that they are looking for and how can I make sure my offering is targeted at them so more of them will come.

Take aways:

  • Ask yourself if your know who your Ideal Customer is.
  • Make sure you know what would attract your Ideal Customer into your restaurant.
  • Put together a venue with the relevant ambience, menu and layout.