How can you add Value with a Mothers Day gift?


A Mother’s Day Gift

Most people, when I speak to them about Mother's Day say they don’t need to market Mother's Day. If your restaurant is full and you don’t have to advertise Mother’s Day, then you could put prices up to make more money out of it. Putting prices up would probably scare you and you might say “I don’t have to” and it might 'push the envelope' a little bit.

One of the things that we did with a restaurant that I worked with, we got the owner and his PA to talk to other businesses in the area and get those businesses to give gifts to the restaurant to give away to the mothers on Mother's Day. So not only did they have people coming in for Mother's Day, every mum got a gift basket to take away full of gifts that cost the restaurant nothing. It had vouchers from the hairdressers, had knick-knacks from the homeware shop, vouchers from a boutique down the road etc. Of course there was a voucher for the restaurant, so that people came back.

Not only did it attract people in for Mother’s Day but it also gave them that 'WOW' effect. They got gifts they were not going to get anywhere else and it encouraged people to come back because of the voucher. This gives us a repeat business strategy based on that.

So can you add value on Mother’s Day by doing this Restaurant Marketing Tip?

Take aways:

  • This is a NEW & REPEAT BUSINESS strategy.
  • Approach other local businesses to give gifts from their businesses.
  • These extras are a great reason for people to come to you over the competition.
  • Add a voucher for your restaurant as a gift, it will be a reason for them to return.
  • This gives you a WOW effect.