How to add Value with a Father’s Day gift?


What could you do to add value to Father’s Day?

Let me tell you about one of my clients and what they did one year. So when the family came in for Father’s Day, they took a jar of lollies to the table. It was a jar that they had put together for them by a little company with their own logo on and their own branding so it would belong to the restaurant. On top of that, there was a business card, it was quartered and then in each of those quarters was an image of a drink. It was used like a coffee card, so there were four free drinks on there and 'Dad could drink for free’ all through September, which is the Father’s Day Month. You could only get one free drink every time he came.

So the advertising/marketing going out before, said "When you come for Father’s Day to this restaurant, Dad gets to drink for free all through September" and that was the card that he could use. So it got a lot of people in for Father’s day, the kids loved the lollies, it had that "WOW" effect and then Dad had the card to use throughout the month, which meant that they got repeat business, bounce-back business because Dad wanted his free drink!

Take aways:

  • This is a NEW & REPEAT BUSINESS strategy
  • Approach other local businesses to give gifts from their businesses
  • These extras are a great reason for people to come to you over the competition.
  • If you add in a ‘Dad Drinks Free Voucher’ it will be a reason for them to return.
  • This gives you a WOW effect.