How To Book Out At Lunchtime

As you know one of the biggest challenges for restaurant owners since the inclusion of restaurant dining in the Fringe Benefits Tax is getting lunch time business.

It has been an issue Craig Macindoe of Mumu Grill has struggled in his Crow’s Nest restaurant... There just isn't the corporate clientele around and there is too much cheap “snack” type competition to distract his prospects away.

We somewhat solved the problem through filling the place with cooking classes however, other than Christmas Functions and Melbourne Cup it is still a problem...

Until last week that is when the place was packed solid... So what happened?

Mumu Grill - Fully Booked On a Wednesday Lunchtime In Crow's Nest

Well this relates back to the blog post I made last week called who the hell are you?

Craig booked two sportsmen speakers Mark Ella and Benji Marshall for a lunch time talk and then mailed it to his list. He was booked out in a day and took well over $7,000 in ticket sales. (Obviously there are costs to doing this but the event was profitable – and he collected everyone’s personal details too for his database).

The reason that this worked is that these two speakers resonated with the people on his list, with the kind of “image” he projects to his list. The same promoter could have booked Ray Martin, Tim Flannery, The Australian Equestrian Team plus others... but would they work? Would they fill Mumu Grill for Lunch? I doubt they would sell out like "The Benji and Mark Lunch". Why? Because it all comes down to the fit of your Message to your Market Match which I have discussed before and is covered in detail on the blog.

So the lessons from here: It is possible to fill “dead space” if you “sell them what they want to buy” (be that cooking classes or talks) and if your message and offer matches your market.

So it really comes down to knowing your market and then talking to them in a way that gets them to respond.

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At ARMS we make sure our clients get their marketing out to their diners every week. We send around 3.5 million emails a year for them and nearly half a million post cards. We know their customers preferences, important dates and spending patterns.

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