How To Create A Great Team

Hey there, I just wanted to talk to you once again about staffing. It seems to me that what's going to happen over the next year in Australia is that we're not going to see the return of backpackers, it's certainly not in the first half of the year. And likewise, we're not going to see people coming into our industry that have come in from overseas, with visas so that they can come and work for us. And that's going to cause a big problem.

I'm already hearing from some of my clients, they're really struggling to find staff, particularly chefs. And the chefs themselves are now demanding that they don't have to work weekends or that they want higher pay, and things like that. Not realizing, I'm sure that you are on such a small margin that to raise their payments is going to put you out of business or really take away the majority of your profits. So, not angry at chefs here. I'm just talking about the way things are. It's just pure economics, supply and demand. If there's more demand than there is supply, then chefs can ask for higher wages.

Anyway, besides the point, this week I saw a post by one of my clients, Ritsa Nicholas from Elaia café/restaurant in Launceston. She's doing really well with staffing, she's able to enhance the team that she's got around her by training them on culture and values, and making them feel like a part of a fabulous team. The other thing that's happening is other people are being attracted to her place as a place of work. Naturally, she's changing things up because of COVID. And people are really enjoying working there. And what Ritsa did recently is write a whole blog on what she's doing to increase culture, and the team coming together and wanting to work together. And the fact that its attracting new people to come and work at their restaurants. So they don't have a skill shortage in her place. So I posted her blog, I shared it into the Restaurant Profits’ Facebook page, if you've not seen it, if you've not read that blog, then do yourself a favor, click on there. Ritsa doesn't hold anything back. She talks exactly about the things that she's doing and what her motivations are, and so on. So do yourself a favor, go look at that blog, read through it. And think about what can you do in your business with your staff team so that they don't want to leave you. They actually do enjoy working together as a team for you. And that will attract new people as well. So if you want to talk more about that, go to our website, and make sure you visit the blog on the Restaurant Profits Facebook page.