How To Get Great Staff

One of the challenges that you're going to find at the moment I'm sure is finding good staff or finding new staff. One of the things that's happened with our industry because of job seeker, is that people are choosing not to go back to work, they would rather receive benefits, than give those benefits up and go work. And the challenge is going to be finding staff that are gray and enthusiastic right now. But that's going to go on into the future as well. People are not necessarily going to come flocking back to hospitality. So what can you do about that?

Well, one of the things that I've done in the recent weeks is talk to one of my clients that is really big on Team culture. And I was talking to her about what she's been doing recently, during COVID. And one of the things that she does is puts on training on an evening. So when the restaurants not open, she actually pays the staff to come in for an hour or a couple of hours, and then trains them. And the last one was on culture. And she actually engaged the staff themselves to talk about the culture of the restaurant and the values that the restaurant stands for.

If you don't know what values are, exactly, it's basically just what's important to you, what's important to you, as a person, maybe if you're a husband and wife team, what's important to you as a couple, if your business partners, it's what's important to you as a business partnership. So that could be honesty, excellence, creativity, family, fun, love, all of those things that are important to you. And then taking those values and looking at what kind of culture do we want within the restaurant? And how do those values align with us personally, so it feels like it's a real fit for us. So that then you have business values, and they can be very much the same except for there will be other ones in there with things like accuracy and money and profit and things like that, that are very important to you.

And then once you've got that you turn that into something that the staff can live up to and can understand and can act in accordance with. It's no good just saying a word like creativity and then hoping that everybody gets it what it means. And everybody knows where the barriers are, so they don't go become too creative. Once you've got a value like that you have to turn it into actionable behavior, so that people can go forward understanding what you want, theoretically, and behaving in a way that's aligned with it.

So one of the training events that she's run is to talk to the staff about what her values and the restaurant’s values are, and then get them to understand what the behaviors required are. At the culture night that they ran the other night, she asked the staff to stand up and talk about their favorite values within the business and how they act in accordance with those values in the business. And they shared that as a group, then they had dinner together and bonded.

By doing that training she's built a bond within staff group.  It has now created a culture that ensures that people don't want to leave.  Staff that have left in the past are now asking if they can come back. So rather than having a lack of staff, this restaurant owners has staff in abundance and not that, these are great staff that want to act in alignment with the best values of the business and of the owner themselves. If you're interested in learning how to do that kind of thing within your restaurant so that you have an abundance of staff to choose from. Contact us and let's talk about making it a reality for you and your business.