How To Increase Dollar Spend

Boosting Restaurant Profits...

…without having to Get More Bums On Seats.

There's an obsession with getting more people through the door in order to increase revenue but one of the most overlooked sources of revenue is increased dollar spend whilst people are in your venue.

Does, "Do you want fries with that?", "Would you like to upsize for just $1.00?" sound familiar?   Well even those these are great strategies your star should be using, up selling and cross selling are not the only ways to increase spend.

For example yesterday was Melbourne Cup Day and so many restaurants were packed at lunch time and the tills would have been ringing loud.  The temptation at times like these is to take what you can get and do your best to keep up with the demand from the floor.   But forward thinking could have led to sales of other items such as gift Certificates, Corporate Gift Cards and Merchandise.  Alternatively you could invite your customers to stay longer and spend more (as one of our clients did - see image below).

I saw this from one of our clients earlier in the week.  I didn't share it until now as I didn't want to steal their thunder  But what a great idea!  (The red boxes covering their name were added by me by the way).

So Christmas is definitely the next thing on the agenda - so how are you going to achieve greater dollar spend when all those parties and functions roll in?  Its something you should be planning and executing as this is the time when people spend more than ever in the year!

Here are a few ideas:

Christmas Gifts

Gift Certificates

Cooking Class Gift Certificates

Recipe Books and Videos

Cooking Utensils


Food Products (Christmas Related  e.g. Christmas Puddings, White Christmas etc)

Food Products e.g. jams, sauces, preserves etc.



And if you are thinking we could never do that, let me assure you these items are all being sold right now by our clients - so why are you missing out on those extra dollars?