How to use your MENU as a sales tool?

Using Your Menu As A Sales Tool


Your MENU is an incredible sales tool especially for your restaurant business. An incredible marketing tool if you use it in a proficient way. In most restaurants I see, the menu is just a list of ingredients and a price list down the right hand side.

Always think about this:

Every single person that comes to your restaurant is going to look at your menu. It is an opportunity to sell the products that you want to sell. This doesn't mean changing your dishes, ingredients, suppliers or chefs :-). What I am talking about are just simple tweaks to the way your menu looks! To fully understand this, come to one of our seminars, or buy my book "More Bums on Seats" where this is discussed more fully, ( Learn how to use your menu as a sales tool and you will increase your profits.

To INCREASE your restaurant profits:

  • Make sure that you understand menu marketing.
  • Attend a Restaurant Profits seminar.
  • Read the book: “More Bums On Seats” to learn more.
  • Learn how to use your menu as a sales tool.

Take Aways:

  • This is an INCREASE $ SPEND and INCREASE YOUR PRICES strategy.
  • Everyone who dines with you has to look at your menu.
  • You can easily make more people order the dishes that you make most profits from.