I Love Food Award Winners…

Last week the I Love Food Awards were announced
TWO of the winners were restaurant marketing members...Stan Teschke of Taco Bill, South Melbourne won Best Mexican in Australia and Paul Gora of Nat's Place, Bundoora won Best Italian / Pizza in Victoria.
Unlike many other awards this one brings MASSIVE publicity. When another of my clients, Judy Hacket of Georgies Restaurant in Grafton won last year people told her they had visited her restaurant, because they saw a feature about Georgies on their plane trip to Thailand.

The I Love Food Awards is connected to the Fox TV network and so their programs are shown to visitors coming to the country from overseas as well as being shown on Fox TV. This kind of exposure is priceless and yet of exposure is priceless and yet these restaurant owners got it for free.
This is exactly why I helped my members to get onto this award and to garner votes so they would win. Getting more people through your door is what you should be focusing much of your time on right now. This is what will immunize you against the slow down and recession.

In two weeks time I am going to spend a whole day showing you how to explode the amount of income you can make by using SMART marketing strategies that do not cost the earth. By the way this cost those guys nothing to do yet they got amazing exposure from it!

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By The Way if you thought these awards mean nothing personally let me share Paul's email to us when the announcement had just been made...