Life is full of Celebrations and Reasons to Dine


Life is full of Celebrations and Reasons to Dine

Well whether you realise it or not, life is full of celebrations which are reasons to dine. The number one reason that people go out and celebrate in this country is because it’s their birthday. So if you are not doing anything to attract people to come and celebrate their birthday at your place, you’re really missing out, because somebody else is doing so.

The only way that you can really do that is knowing someone’s birthday. So, you need to collect a database of that information so that you can send out information to them saying “Hey come and celebrate your birthday with us”.

Likewise with anniversaries, likewise with things that turn up on the calendar, obviously Christmas, New Year. But there is also things in like the middle of the year, its the end of financial year and that’s a time that accountants celebrate once they get through the end of financial year, they can come and celebrate with you the end of their financial year and the start of their new year.

So think about it - What else are people doing when they celebrate? It can be lots of different things. Make sure that you think that through - What can we do to attract celebrations into the restaurant? The number one thing you should be doing is of course, is attracting people to celebrate their birthday with you.

Take Aways:

  • No.1 reason people dine out is to celebrate BIRTHDAYS.
  • Collect a DATABASE with birthday information.
  • Think about other events on the calendar - CHRISTMAS, NEW YEARS, END OF FINANCIAL YEAR