Make more money now with these menu marketing tips.

We're in March, and it's the end of the job keeper and job seeker support from the government. So things are going to change. So what I'm focusing on this month is how can you still make money and attract people in when everything's changing in the economy once again.

One of the fast ways to do it is to do some menu marketing. And what I'm gonna do is give you five tips that you can use straight away to make sure that people actually spend more money with you. Even though you're not doing any external marketing, even though you're not doing any selling at the table, they're actually going to spend more money with you. So here are my top restaurant menu marketing tips.

  1. First, find out work with your chef, find out what is your highest net profit dish. So that's the dish that gets sold the most and at the end of the day you can add up all those sales and see most profit from them as a group.  This is the one dish out of all of your dishes, that gives you the highest amount of net profit in your pocket at the end of the day. So find out which one that is.

  2. The next thing is we're going to promote that. And you know, in order to promote it, you're going to name it and frame it. So basically, you take that dish, and you put it higher up on your menu, and then you put a box around it, you put a frame around it, and you give it a name. So the name might be Our House Special, Our Chef's Favorite, Everybody's Favorite, or something to do with the dish itself. So you name it, and you frame it, and you put it in a position on the menu where people are going to see it quickly, just by doing that alone, by the way, is going to increase sales of that.

  3. The next thing that you want to do is you want to use adjectives in the description. So I know for a long time, it's been very popular just to name the ingredients. And it might be very sexy, and French and all of that kind of thing. But people buy with their eyes and their imagination they eat with their mouth and their senses, but they actually imagine what the dish is going to look like. So if you use a description that objective, heavy, and what I mean by that words like crispy, crunchy, creamy, aromatic, tasty, all of those words, that suggests something that people can conjure up a picture in their mind or on their palette, what is going to be like, they're more likely to buy it. So make sure that you change at least this one menu item, because this is where you want them to focus - on your highest profit margin product, you've named it, you've framed it, you've described it now with adjectives.

  4. And then the final things that I want you to do are I want you to remove the dollar sign of all of your prices. So if it has a $ sign and it is $7.95. Remove the dollar sign. So now it just says 7.95. Okay, it's a psychological thing people think about the money when the signs there to tell them to think about money. So just take it off.

  5. And then the other thing is with this one dish with this one dish, that's going to be your special promoted dish, put the price up, just put it up a couple of dollars, you don't have to go and do it all over the menu, you don't have to make this a massive one, just a couple of dollars on this one. And people won't mind spending that. So what you've done is you've found the dish that gives you the maximum net profit in your pocket. You've named it you've framed it, you've added adjectives, you've taken off the dollar sign and you have increased the price. 

A couple of other quick tips don't have the pricing down the right-hand side. People read across and then look at the pricing. All you getting people to do there is look for the cheapest thing and that's the one they buy. So you need to bring those prices in against the end of the description. And finally, don't bold the price. You don't want to draw attention to that bold the title where you've named it but don't bold the price on any of your prices.

If you do what I have described here, apply these restaurant menu marketing tips, you will get more money from people that are currently in your restaurant without doing any external marketing and without your staff having to sell. If you want to book a call to discuss your restaurant marketing need here is my calendar link: