Marketing Plans – How Big Are Yours?

Restaurant Marketing PlansI often get a lot of questions about Restaurant Marketing Plans but something people don't often question is how far in advance should you plan.

My experience tells me that most restaurant owners don't give themselves enough time to make the most of their events.  Right now we are a month away from Mother's day and I am encouraging my clients to get on and make plans for special menus, cross selling, gift vouchers, join ventures as well as filling their venues of course.  But who plans a year in advance - almost nobody!

Except this week a got an email from one entertainment company who were promoting an event 11 months into the future (ok its a big event,, but still) - it shows what you can do if you are serious about marketing your business.  And it poses the question - what's stopping you?  Could it be that your insecurity about your business is getting in the way of you ensuring it IS profitable?  Hmm now that's a prickly question!

Here's a quick video to underline the point;