Melbourne Cup Bonanza


How To Create A Melbourne Cup Bonanza For Your Restaurant

I know you're going to be saying to yourself that, 'There's no need to market Melbourne Cup as the day is always packed anyway'. You are also probably thinking, "Why is Howard writing about Melbourne Cup in early October when the Cup is weeks away?"... Well let me answer those thoughts right away.

Melbourne Cup is one of the best times to grow your customer list (or database). On this day people are out to have fun and the number one thing on their mind is gambling, winning and chancing their luck at something. It is therefore very easy to get people to give their personal information to you so that they can win something in a prize draw. It fits right into the mindset of your guests so is much more likely to be embraced by them than on any other calendar event in the year.

So this tip is not about attracting more diners to the event but gathering their details so that you can invite them back (Repeat Business), which is especially opportune given that we are going to jump right into the silly season right after Melbourne Cup - (Anyone want to secure lots of parties and functions???)

OK so why am I sharing this information now? Well, like all good things this takes some planning. Great strategies cannot be left to the last minute so make sure that you take some time do the following...

1. Put together some great prizes for the prize draw (will others give you items to give away - think suppliers and neighbouring businesses)
2. Create entry forms and buy enough pens so that many people can fill the forms in at once.
3. Get an online form created too so entries can be completed on smartphones. (Talk to us about this)
4. Plan how you are going to announce the winners (live, email, website, social media)
5. Train your staff to promote the draw.
6. Have follow-up email campaign ready to thank people and to promote forthcoming events and Christmas (Talk to us about this too).

Good luck and please don't leave this to the last minute!