More Bad News – More Opportunity for YOU!

This morning I read Tony Eldred's bad news piece about our industry in the Sydney Morning Herald

Whilst I concur with everything Tony says it's just doom and gloom with no solutions.

So what do you do if you already know how tough things are and you still want to grow a great restaurant business?  Well that's the reason I wrote the book (More Bums On Seats) and I am running the More Bums On Seats Workshops in Two Weeks time at Sydney Tower Restaurant.

The reason that our client's restaurants are doing Very Well is that they are taking Action.

...And while their competition are wringing their hands wondering what to do, the restaurant owners we work with are filling their restaurants because everyone else has stopped doing any marketing!

I invite you to join me and learn how you can drive tons of business into your restaurant!  Come along to the workshops and learn how you can put more bums on seats in your restaurant too.

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