New Restaurant Opens With A Fanfare!!!!

Finally La Scala on Jersey opens…

I say finally because I have known that this restaurant was going to re-launch for quite a few months now.  My clients Angelique and Dean Haritos own La Scala on Jersey (formally The Light Brigade Bistro) and Verandah Restaurant and have been secretly working like dervishes to launch their new restaurant.  Darren Simpson has joined them as their Executive Chef and it looks like the folks in the eastern suburbs of Sydney are going to have a fabulous new Italian to frequent.

So What you might say… What does that have to do with marketing my business?

Well the real “business story” is hidden beneath and behind the story.  Angelique and Dean had to make some tough decisions about the new business, decisions that many people would have run away from.  They decided to believe in themselves, their product and Darren and put tons of energy into making La Scala a great success.  They closed their old restaurant down but kept the staff on to train them, they refurbished, hired a great chef and his team, created a new theme, new menus, new marketing materials and on and on… Brave, brave brave.

Whilst this has been going on we have had meetings about everything from the name to twitter to the media to how to accommodate their old loyal clients and their new clients within the same marketing strategies.

Today La Scala On Jersey finally opened it’s doors and incredibly it was also the lead article in Scott Bolles’ Short Black column in The Sydney Morning Herald (at lunch time booking were pouring in of course).  Now how the hell did that happen?  An article in one of the city’s most read food columns before the restaurant opened… accompanied by a photo of chef Darren in the newly renovated restaurant - Scott must be psychic!  Or just maybe Angelique really gets the concept that her number one job (amongst everything else that she needs to do to open a restaurant) is… Marketing her business!

Just in case you think she can now sit back and have a good sigh of relief, don’t.  She sent me a spread sheet of the remaining 130 some activities she still has to handle to make sure that this restaurant grows and grows and grows rather than fizzles like many after the glamour of opening night is forgotten.

So keep your eye on La Scala On Jersey – there will be tons happening behind the scenes to make this a roaring success.
Congratulations to Angelique, Dean, Darren, David and their team for a great start!