New Website – Who Cares?

How to make sure that your guests and potential guests love your website...

As exciting as it is for you to launch your new website, your clients simply just don't care - sorry!

Your clients are busy getting on with their lives, working, paying bills, being partners, parents, grandparents and so on and the fact that you've got a new website is seriously not on their radar.  The ONLY time your website is of interest to anyone (other then yourself) is when someone is searching online for somewhere to eat in your area - and / or trying to dine with you.  At this point your website becomes VERY important.

At this point there's some critical information that must be easily available to the person searching for you

  1. Are you open?  
    1. What days and times? 
  2. What food do you serve?  
    1. Do you cater for people with particular diets?
  3. Where are you located? 
    1. Is there a Google Map on your site?
  4.  What is your street address?
  5. What is your phone number?
    1. Can I click-to-dial from my phone?
  6. Can I book now?
    1. Do you have a booking app on the site?

OK so now you know what is important - is it easily found on the site?  Your opening times, street address and phone number must be on the home page and the address and phone number should be on every page footer.

Get all this right and your guests and potential guests will love your website!

If you want us to help you get a great website that get's ranked highly in Google and has all the correct information contact us. If you want to spend some time with me, get 15 minutes of my time to talk about this or any other digital marketing strategies for your restaurant, please click on the button to book into my calendar and I look forward to speaking to you soon.