Opening Up Email

It's great news that our restaurant Industry is starting to open up again in New South Wales and Victoria. I'm sure it will roll around the country where the you're in lockdown. If you are wanting to let people know what's going on, I would suggest that you do these few things.

Number one, is let people know that you're going to be opening up.

Number two, if you are still in the planning stage, open up bookings. Just select a date beyond where you know, it's okay to open up and say this is when we're aiming to open up if you want to book book in now, because places are scarce.

If consequently, something happens and you're not able to open up, people will understand that they will know that it's not your restaurant, they'll know that it's the State or the area you are located in… and they won't think badly of you.

The great thing about this is, that if you can open up on that date, you've got bookings in there, if you can't open up, you can reach out to all the people who booked and say, unfortunately, because of what the Premier has said, we can't open up on this night... But we are intending to open up in two weeks after that… We'll save your booking for that time… Let us know if you can't make it.

So you've basically now got money in particularly if you something like Now Book It where you take a deposit ahead of time. And you've got these people booked in and you've now got a relationship going with them through your email.

So first thing is if you do want to open up, make sure that you email out tell people you are opening up and then the second thing is create an opening up event or a menu and then get them to book in for that event on that particular day. As I said, Don't be nervous of letting people down in that way. If it's a statewide thing or a suburb thing. You can always go back and they will be understanding that it's out of your hands and they'll be grateful that they can still get in when they can come out to dine with you.