Partner with Local Theatres


Partner with Local Theatres

So I talk a lot about Joint Ventures and you'll have heard me talk about solicitors, accountants, stock brokers and hairdressers. What about local theatres? Theatres have mailing lists!

People who love to go to the theatre, go a lot and often they will buy season passes so they can go all through the year. In order to do that they have to give their name and address and payment details to these theatres. The theatres struggle just like restaurants do to get people through their doors and they want to give more reasons for their patrons to buy season tickets and to become members. One of those things, could be that by becoming a member of the theatre, they also get the benefit of being on your birthday club or they could get the benefit of a voucher to dine at your restaurant.

Talk to the theatres about the kinds of things you do. You might be amazed how big their database is. If they are within 3-5kms of your restaurant, the chances are that the people who are members of that theatre, will also be your target market.

I once worked like this with a theatre in the middle of Sydney who have 30,000 people on their database. We got access to their list whenever they mailed out, the restaurant was featured on their email when they did pre theatre dinner. It was this restaurant that was marketed about and when they did "Writer Dinners", where the writer of the play came along and put on a special event, it was this restaurant that the writer came to, to put on this kind of event.

So talk to theatres, they're great joint venture partners. Yes, you'll get told “no”, that's going to happen whenever you're reaching out and pushing people to do things they’re not used to. Just pass by that "no" to the next one until you get a “yes”.

Take aways:

  • This is a NEW BUSINESS strategy.
  • Theatres have mailing lists and members.
  • They want to add value to their customers.
  • Offer an offer to their list – birthdays, gift certificates etc.
  • Get featured on their newsletter.
  • Keep approaching them even if you hear a no the first time.