Phone Your Restaurant


Have you ever called a place and your call goes straight to voice mail or you are put on hold and no-one comes back to you or you are put into one of those systems where you are supposed to press 1 for this, press 2 for this… or someone answers the phone and they sound asleep or not interested or they talk in slang?

The way the phone is answered sets an impression about your business and it is really important that your staff represent you well. This doesn't always happen though, particularly when the phone rings during service; often it will ring for a long time and then go to voicemail, or if it is answered the staff member is out of breath or not interested or can’t find a piece of paper.

It is really important that the first impression that someone has of your place is a great one. So not only do you have to train your staff in what to say and have a script for them, but you also have to have all the materials available for them to take a booking or a note.

You must CALL your restaurant regularly at least once a month to make sure that you know what your customers experience is when they ring in. Make sure that the first impression they get of your restaurant is a great one.

Take Aways:

  • Remember: How someone answers your phone is how they experience your business.
  • Make sure that your staff answer with positive energy.
  • Give them a script to use.
  • Have a GREAT – SHORT – CLEAR Voicemail message.
  • Call your restaurant regularly to see how the phone is answered.
  • Call during busy service times too!