Promote Functions and Parties


Promote Functions and Parties in Your Restaurant

This restaurant marketing tip goes without saying that you should be promoting yourself for functions and parties and probably everybody knows that.

  • Do you make it easy for people to book their functions and parties with you?
  • Do you have an up-to-date functions pack that you can give out to people?
  • Do you have it on your website?
  • Can they contact you through your website easily, in order to book these things?
  • Are there rewards for the party organiser?
  • Have you got your staff trained on how to “sell” your venue as a function space?
  • Do you run events where people can come by and look at your place for doing functions?

You might think, “Why would we do that?” Well around October time, people are starting to think about where to have their Christmas party. If you put on afternoon sessions let’s say, 3:30-5:30pm where people can drop in and have a look at your place, have a look at the menus, maybe taste some samples of canapés and things that you do, maybe give them a free drink while they’re there, while you talk about what’s available. THIS WILL HELP YOU SELL!

I know a restaurant that uses this strategy ALL THE TIME and this is how the owner closes all of his function business.

Take aways:

  • Think these things through.
  • Don’t just leave it to chance.have a plan for how you are going to sell your functions and parties.